Certified Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP)

A globally recognized certification from AACE® that strengthens and formalizes your competence and skills in the development, monitoring, forecasting, and analysis of project plans.

2 days

09:00 - 16:00

Course dates

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About the certification

Advanced Project and Schedule Planning Course leading to certification as a Planning and Scheduling Professional

In response to Norway's expanding portfolio of large and complex projects, Metier takes the initiative to elevate project management competence across sectors. This course marks the first-ever offering of its kind in Norway, introducing a significant advancement within the field of project scheduling.

We are honored to have Chris Carson, a distinguished expert and author in project planning, leading this course. With over 45 years in project controls and capital projects, Chris has received numerous industry awards and contributed extensively to the field through publications and key roles in professional associations. His depth of experience and recognition as an AACE International Fellow bring invaluable insights and expertise.

About AACE

The Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE) is an international organization dedicated to enhancing expertise in project management disciplines (cost estimation, planning, and cost control) across public and private sectors. Established in 1956, the organization's certifications are globally recognized, with over 10,000 members from around the world.

Target audience

The Advanced Project and Schedule Planning Course for PSP certification is ideal for planners, project managers, cost engineers, construction managers, project control professionals, and technical managers. It is suitable for professionals in project planning, aiming to enhance or further develop their scheduling and planning skills. This course is suitable for individuals in both the public and private sectors who are involved in managing complex projects.

Experience Requirements for Classroom training and Certification

The classroom training is open for anyone regardless of years of experience, but you need a certain number of years of experience to obtain the official certification, as stated below: 

To pursue the official AACE Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) certification, you need a minimum of 8 years of professional experience, with up to 4 years potentially substitutable by higher education. The course offers substantial value even without certification and is beneficial for enhancing skills in project management disciplines. Certification, while beneficial, is optional, and participating in the course alone can positively impact your career in project management.

What you will learn


Analysis and Data Gathering: Understanding contract requirements, identifying key stakeholders, and assessing project constructability.


Considerations and Constraints: Identifying necessary resources (personnel, equipment, materials), evaluating cost-effectiveness, considering stakeholder needs and expectations, and managing variables that can affect the project.


Planning Output and Deliverables: Defining project scope and objectives, developing a detailed project plan, segmenting the project into phases, establishing a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), organizing the team structure (OBS), creating a Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), planning sequence and relationships between project phases, involving and evaluating feedback from stakeholders, developing cost estimates, establishing a baseline plan, creating periodic forecasts, and devising a risk and recovery plan.


Schedule Development: Defining the scope of the schedule based on the project plan, utilizing WBS/OBS/CBS, specifying schedule requirements, gathering and evaluating feedback from stakeholders, and employing the cost estimate model.


Creating Schedule: Choosing schedule types, defining activities and durations, establishing relationships, considering constraints and calendars, calculating costs and resource needs, setting key milestones, conducting schedule quality analysis and compliance review, and documenting the schedule basis.


Schedule Maintenance and Control: Updating and maintaining the baseline schedule, tracking schedule progress, managing costs and resources, administering schedule changes, assessing the need for project acceleration, and collecting feedback for continuous improvement of the schedule.


Schedule Output and Deliverables: Producing detailed schedules for project management, analyzing variances and trends, conducting schedule analysis, generating forecasts for the project's future development, assessing the project's feasibility, preparing progress reports and review meetings, planning for recovery in case of deviations from the plan, and summarizing for management.

What is included


A two-day workshop is arranged in Oslo. Here you will get an overview and training in the curriculum included in the PSP certification.

Experienced Instructor

Chris Carson is a renowned leader in the Program/Project Controls and Construction Management industry, boasting over 45 years of experience.


Lunch will be served, including snacks during short breaks.


The certification will be in English.

Exam and certification

The course offers significant benefits even without pursuing certification. However, if you choose to become certified, The PSP (Planning and Scheduling Professional) exam can be taken at a designated certification center in Oslo. This 5-hour exam is composed primarily of multiple-choice questions along with a brief case study. The cost of the exam is $500 for AACE members and $625 for non-members. Should you need to retake the exam, the fee for each additional attempt is $250. Please note that the exam is conducted in English.

For those who may not meet the experience requirements for the PSP or CEP certifications, alternative pathways to demonstrate your proficiency in planning and scheduling are available.

From our previous participants

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 4 vurderinger
avAnonymous onCertified Planning and Scheduling Professional

Overall OK course, inspiring speaker with a lot of experience and good examples.

avAnonymous onCertified Planning and Scheduling Professional

Chris conveyed the course material in an engaging and comprehensible manner. And used a lot of pointing own lived examples.

avAnonymous onCertified Planning and Scheduling Professional

High competence, interesting topics, and very helpful tips & tricks even for a senior!

avAnonymous onCertified Planning and Scheduling Professional

Got a good presentation of areas withing planning and scheduling. I also got several confirmations on the way I work and that was very good.

Course instructor


Chris Carson is a renowned leader in the Program/Project Controls and Construction Management industry, boasting over 45 years of experience. He has earned prestigious awards, including the 2021 AACE International “O.T. Zimmerman Founder’s Award” and the 2011 AACE “Technical Excellence” award, highlighting his significant contributions to cost management and project scheduling. An AACE International Fellow since 2013, a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) since 2015, a Fellow with the Guild of Project Controls at Planning Planet, Carson's expertise is widely recognized.

He was also the co-author and co-editor for the only book that PMI has published specifically for construction scheduling, “CPM Scheduling for Construction – Best Practices and Guidelines”, published in 2014 by PMI, and the planning and scheduling and forensic analysis bodies of knowledge. Included in those publications were his contributions to 19 AACE Recommended Practices, making him the eighth ranked contributing author.

Carson was Vice President of Finance on the AACE Board of Directors 2016-2018, a contributing author for the revisions of the Professional Practice Guide (PPG) for Planning and Scheduling, same for the Construction Estimating PPG. He has provided training for the AACE Certified Cost Professional (CCP) certification and the Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP).

A seasoned speaker, Carson has led over 750 industry sessions and authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications, contributing significantly to the field's literature. His work includes roles in the development of AACE Recommended Practices and contributions to key industry texts on scheduling and cost management.

Chris is also an instructor at Project Control Academy, specializing in Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis. He is a globally recognized speaker, and has spoken at conferences in Australia, the UK, Ireland, Colombia, Peru, Canada. He has conducted training in Egypt, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, Colombia, Peru, United Arab Emirates and Canada.


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